E-Commerce, a vast field is like an Ocean after the internet started and spread with its name the World-wide-Web. The internet is used by many people every day who are movie lovers, gamers, online buyers and sellers, and online shopping websites and companies like Amazon and Ali Baba. These companies generate huge volumes of business every day and are major contributors to the digital age. They are not only E-commerce giants, but they are also the trend-setters in the digital economy that is changing every day with compliments to the e-commerce supply chain. Billions of dollars of sales are made every day through online shopping with key operators like Ali Baba and Amazon making huge amounts of money. The punch line here is ‘Time is money’ and is always a valuable entity when using the online platforms. Similarly in the traveling industry i.e. Airline industry, buying of train tickets online, hotel and lodgings deals online purchases and many other sources of tourism and hoteling indu…


In the digital age, the effective use of marketing platforms has created a unique and updated marketing environment on the World Wide Web. Since the internet started in late ’90s and became a common entity since the start of the new millennium, there are innumerable ways of marketing on the internet. These are known as the marketing components of the Digital media for e.g. SEO, SEM, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, & Marketing Automation.Social media since it started with its most powerful tool the Facebook that was launched the first time in 2007, has changed the way online marketing takes place. This is because of the consumer’s usage of a certain product as Facebook and Twitter are used by millions of people all around the globe and they are not just computer literates only. The profit comes from the involvement of various stakeholders merging on certain grounds that are common sources of interest. An example of the marketing platforms is ‘Affiliate Marketing’ through which a stakehol…